When you want to share your videos to website, such as YouTube, Facebook, Blog and etc, which format of video will be better? SWF can be a good choice for you to share this to your friends, family, workmates on website. And SWF can also be a good choice to play what you want to watch on phone. And how to convert MP4 to SWF?
Video Converter ( Video Converter for Mac ) enables you to convert your MP4 files to SWF files with very high video quality. You can use it as your capable assistant to convert your video files in minutes (almost any video supported). Here is the guide helping you to convert.

Step 1: Add MP4 videos to the MP4 to SWF converter

You have two practicable ways to import MP4 files. One way is to open your local MP4 videos first and then drag them to this program. The other way is to click the button on the main interface. Then, a pop-up window will allow you to browse your local files and choose the MP4 files you want to import. These added videos can be showed as follows.
At this time, you can (optional) preview them by clicking the video thumbnail, tick the “Merge all videos into one file” to merge them into one file if need, or re-arrange the order to change the conversion priority etc.

Step 2: Choose SWF as the output format

Hit the “Format” image icon on the righ side to open the output format list. You’ll see so all popular formats are sorted into different categories. Just click Format category, and then go to “Web” subcategory to choose “SWF” format as the outpupt format.

Note: The converted files can be automatically stored in this app’s default folder. You can find the default file path at the bottom of the main interface. If you want to customize the file path by yourself, you can click the “…” button beside to set it. And when the conversion is done, you can direcly hit the “Open Folder” button there to find the output files quickly and easily.

Step 3: Customize MP4 videos (Optional)

Right click the video clip you want to modify and then choose “Video Edit” to access the edit window. Here, common editing functions provided:
Split your videos: Under the “Edit” submenu, there’s split option provided if you want to split a long MP4 files into several clips.
Crop: customize the frame size (16:9, 4:3 etc) and cut off black margins of the videos.
Effect: Set the Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Amplifier of the video and apply different effect styles (Gray, Emboss, Negative, etc).
Watermark: Add image or text watermark to the MP4 video.
Subtitles: Enable the plug-in subtitles or customized subtitles.

Step 4: Start MP4 to SWF conversion

Simply hit the “Convert” option at the bottom-right corner of this program’s main interface to convert MP4 to SWF. Then, just run it in the background. This app will promptly finish the task. When it’s done, there will be a pop-up note prompting you all the tasks have been finished.