iPhone is an multimedia smartphone developed by Apple Inc. which has more functions than iPod: internet-enabled, multi-touch screen functionality, mobile phone, digital camera and more…, MP4 is the one of main video formats supported by iPhone.

You probably have a some AVI files somewhere on your computer, either from the internet, digital cameras or shared from your friends. The trouble with AVI is the iPhone iPad and most native Mac applications could do nothing with it. So if you happen to have some AVI videos and wanna play them on your iPhone on the move, you need to make sure one thing: your AVI files are compatible with iPhone (iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S included), if not, you need to convert it to iPhone compatible format with a video converting software.  Let`s to learn how to convert AVI videos to iPhone?


Step 1. Import file(s) to the AVI to  iPhone Video Converter for Mac

Directly click “Add” button or choose “Add…” option in the top “File” menu, you will see an “Open” dialog window pops up, and select AVI files from your Mac. When it is done, press “Open” button to load AVI files.


Step 2. Set output iPhone video format

In the left “General” panel, you will see the “Profile” option, click it and select “iPhone MPEG-4 (*. mp4)”item for output iPhone videos files from AVI files. The software allows you to set different output formats according to different files.

Step 3. Adjust some parameters

1)After selecting certain output format, you can choose “General” tab on the right top which will show its general standard. You may set “Video Quality”, “Audio Quality”, “Output filename” by clicking “General” button.
2)After that, you can also choose “Advance” tab on the right column which will show its advanced standard. You may set “Start Time”, “Video Size”, “Bit Rate” by clicking certain settings.


Step 4. Set destination and start ripping

Clicking the “Browse…” button and select the output destination for saving in the pop-up window and then select and check AVI videos in the file list you want to convert and press “Convert” button to start AVI to iPhone MP4 converting process. And you will see the convert process exactly in the progress “Status” bar.